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Good to Grow: Pediatric Dental Wellness, Airway, Growth,
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The Nurture Frenectomy Center 

by Lauren Ballinger, DDS

Meet Dr. Lauren Ballinger

Board certified pediatric dentist, certified oral-facial myologist, & mom. 

     I am a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and my pediatric dental practices (Good to Grow-Pediatric Dental Wellness, Airway, Growth and Sleep Solutions AND The Nurture Center the Tethered Oral Tissues) focus solely on addressing the structural, functional and behavioral issues associated with the craniofacial respiratory complex in growing children, as early as possible.  

     The past, current and ever-growing research and literature on the negative effects on the growing child of poor sleep and disordered breathing on brain development and quality of life; as well as an epidemic and damaging consumption of highly processed, low nutritional value foods leading to poor health consequences is a call to action. It is imperative that growing children receive nutritional and wellness support,  along with preventative and interceptive craniofacial growth guidance and respiratory management they deserve to become thriving children and that grow into healthier adults.

     My practice offers CO2 laser and surgical tethered oral tissue releases supported by in-office lacation support and myofunctional therapy.  Our preventative health and wellness program starts at birth by offering strategies on proper infant feeding and baby-led weaning for optimal nutritional and functional growth and development,  and the establishment of healthy behaviors.

     Our preventative oral and systemic wellness health coaching program offers age-specific patient-guided and supervised experiences to learn self-care strategies and behaviors and establishes the foundation for a cavity-free and healthy lifestyle. There are many goals we seek to meet in our orthodontic and myofunctional programs. Structure: interceptive craniofacial orthodontic and orthopedic approaches to redirect improper growth patterns "back on track" and provide adequate oral volume for the teeth, tongue and airways.

     Function: establish healthy nasal breathing by screening for and offering a collaborative approach to addressing nasal disuse syndrome due to lack of volume, inflammation, allergies and/or obstructions in the nasal cavity or posterior pharynx. Myofunctional therapeutic techniques to address proper tongue function, oral rest posture and correct swallowing. Behavior: deprogramming harmful habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect oral rest posture, non-nutritive oral habits, and poor nutrition choices by proving myofunctional and health coaching.   


As a pediatric dentist, I feel honored to be able to make such positive impact in the life of a growing child and I hope to make the world a better place, one child at a time.

- Dr. Lauren 


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Dr. Lauren's Credentials

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  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

  • American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

  • American Dental Association

  • Member of the Foundation for Airway Health

  • Member AAPMD,

  • Member ITAF

  • Member Academy of Laser Dentistry

  • Breathe Institute Ambassador

  • Member North American Association of Facial Orthotropics 


Doctor of Dental Surgery 2000 -University of Maryland School of Dentistry


Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry 2006- University of Maryland School of Dentistry Residency in Pediatric Dentistry


Graduate School of Behavioral and Health Sciences Specialist in Orofacial  Myology Certification


  • Board Certified Pediatric Dentist; Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

  • Certified Myobrace Provider

  • Certified Myobrace Myofunctional Therapist

  • Specialist in Orofacial Myology (Sandra Coulson/College of Behavioral Sciences);

  • Breath Insitute and Breathe Baby Ambassador

  • Dr. Bill Hang Orthotropics Mini-Residency

  • Dr. Germain Remeirez Pediatrics Airway Mini-Residency

  • Dr. Steven Olmos TMD and Facial Pain Mini-Residency

  • Dr. Leonard Caraprezza Orthodontics Straight Wire Mini-Residency

  •  Dr. Richard Baxter Tongue-Tie Academy Mini-Residency

  • Boston University: Pediatric Tongue and Lip Ties Diagnosis and Treatment with Soft Tissue Lasers;  Lightscalpel CO2 laser ambassador

  • Postural Orthodontics Mini-Residency

A Founding Member of Endeavor
think tank focused  ages 71 months and younger focusing two pillars: Pillar One: increase professional awareness and education opportunities for the screening, management, and protocol development, as well as public awareness, of the importance of earliest recognition and intervention of poor craniofacial respiratory growth and development Pillar Two: Recognizing that dental caries is an END STAGE and preventable disease, just as Type 2 diabetes and obesity is; by addressing the epidemic consumption of high sugar, highly processed foods, we can decrease the demand for aerosolizing dental restorative procedures to treat end-stage caries, as well as  prevent the health comorbidities that weaken the immunity system and make children more susceptible to infectious disease.

Autumn Sky
Prevention of Sleep Disorded Breathing 
(Airway focused dentistry)

Our practice focuses on helping your child achieve their optimal health. The services we provide work together to help prevent sleep disordered breathing for your child. SDB is a terrible disease that leaves your child gasping for breath during sleep. With palatal expansion, Orthodontic therapy, myofuntional therapy,  and our breathing program, we can help prevent or stop your child from having SDB. Our goal is to help aid your child with healthy well rested sleep, and the proper airway that your child deserves!


Dr. Lauren is known well across the globe for her work in this field. The key to optimal skeletal growth is to start at age 3! The younger the better, due to bone formation. Patient's nine and older are considered geriatric in skeletal growth, however we will do our best to help each child grow into their best selves. 

Tongue and Lip Tie Specialists

A sanctuary of nurturing, support and expertise for mothers, babies, and caregivers to optimize the breastfeeding and the feeding relationship for optimal wellness, function, and growth as early in life as possible.

Helping children with tethered oral tissues (lip-ties and tongue-ties) attain proper function to aid in optimal facial and jaw growth, swallowing, speech, nasal breathing, and restful sleep

Co2 Laser frenectomies

Dr. Lauren, and Taryn our CLC, have lectured for Light Scalpel. Light Scalpel is the best laser on the market for tongue and lip tie procedures. With the Co2 laser, there is less post-operative sensitivity or pain, minimal to no scaring, and absolutely no swelling, or infection.

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Before and After of the airway of a patient 10 months in treatment. Patient had expansion in both arches, wore reverse pull headgear (non retractive headgear),  and also had their tonsils and adenoids removed.


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