The Team

Our goal is for your family to feel like your part of our family!



Lead Assistant - Our "Jack of all trades" 

Dakota has been working with Dr. Lauren for over 7+ years. She is very dedicated to the office and all of the patients here. She is known to have the best memory in the office and is the one that keeps it all afloat. She has spent many years running the Myobrace Program, and is an expert in all things myofunctional related! Dakota loves traveling to warm beaches, puzzles, nature, and her significant other Scott! In her spare time you can find her outside in nature, or in her new first home she just purchased reading a good book!


Certified Myofunctional Health Educator


Certfied Lactation Consultant

Taryn is very motivated in all things breastfeeding and dentistry related. She has been an assistant for over 8 years, and a lactation consultant for over 3!  Taryn has a degree in massage therapy so that she can provide bodywork to all of her patients. Expanding beyond her massage therapy degree, Taryn would like to specialize in cranio-sacral therapy, and is currently studying under a world renowned cranio-sacral therapist. She is a mother to three girls, one who especially loves to come in and help at the office! Taryn in her free time helps her significant other run a campground, all while taking care of a bunch of chickens!


Licensed massage therapist 

Certified Myofunctional Health Educator

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Financial Co-ordinator

Tracy who is Taryn's mother, has been working in dentistry for over 30 years! As a young girl she would often help assist her grandfather who was a dentist! She is president of the Berkshire County Dental Assistant Association, that often provides scholarships to dental assistants in school. Tracy is our financial extraordinaire. In her free time she loves to hang out with her husband, three daughters, three grand-daughters two pugs, and her cats! 


Certified Myofunctional Health Educator



Certified dental assistant

Social Media Marketing 

Megan has been working in the dental field for over 5 years. She is currently pursing a degree in Applied psychology, and hopes in the future to be a sleep psychologist here at Good to Grow. This year she will be getting her Buteyko Breathing Certificate. In her free time she likes to travel, go hiking, and read. She can be found spending time with family, her significant other, and their three cats!


Certified Myofunctional Health Educator



Dental Assistant 

Lab Extraordinare

Allie is an expert in clinical dentistry, and has worked in the field for over 5 years. She currently works for both Dr.Lauren and her husband who is a general dentist. Allie is known around the office as the "wire bender", she manufactures all of our in house made appliances. In her free time you can find Allie out on the lake, she is an expert fisher-woman, with her favorite type of fishing being ice fishing. Allie likes to spend time with her young son Dylan, and her significant other, both outdoors, and watching movies at home.


Certified Myofunctional Health Educator



Emotional Support Staff

Kipper is Dr. Lauren's hypoallergenic, springer spaniel - poodle mix! He loves to occasionally stop by and greet our friends at the office. In his spare time Kippy hikes 7 miles every morning.